What is the Definition of a Cabana?

What is the Definition of a Cabana?

A cabana is a tent-like, small structure that is designed to provide shade. Most of the time, an individual will enjoy a cabana when they are at a beach or hanging out at the pool. In addition to offering shade, a cabana can double as a dressing room. Some people even use it as a space too cool meal. A cabana can be a permanent structure, or it can be temporary. However, a pool house cabana is different. 

What is a Poolside Cabana?

A poolside cabana is typically a tiny hut constructed to be near a pool. However, their size can vary. It can be a place to hang out and get away from the sun or host a private party. 

How is a Cabana for a Pool Constructed?

A cabana is constructed with three lightweight walls with one opening. The door area typically faces the pool. The way it is constructed depends on the climate. It may be built as a small hut with grass on the roof. The cabana can also be constructed with aluminum, wood or steel framed wall. The interior of the walls has thick cloth that is tough enough to prevent the sun from coming int to cabana. 

The floor is generally constructed with some sort of tile to prevent slippery surface from happening. Vinyl is also used because it has more grip than wood. Water and a wood floor often doesn’t mix well. Stamped concrete is also a flooring option for a cabana. 
The typical size of a poolside cabana is about four feet. So, it is no bigger than a standard size bathroom. However, larger sized poolside cabana is on the market. The larger cabana are 40 by 80 feet. These are the type of cabanas poolside in Las Vegas. They are large enough to entertain and are often referred to hospitality suites. Some cabanas have bathrooms, a cooking area or are fully furnished. The most common sizes for a cabana located near a pool is 10 by 10 feet, 12 by 12 feet and 12 by 16 feet. 

Is a Poolside Cabana a Type of Gazebo?
No. A poolside cabana and a gazebo are completely different and have different uses. A gazebo is a structure typically used in a backyard. The backyard may or may not have a pool. It is constructed with metal or wood and has built-in seating. The shape of a gazebo various from hexagonal or octagonal shape. No doors or windows. 
A gazebo is used to enhance the look of a backyard. One thing a poolside cabana and gazebo have in common is that their purpose is to shield people from the sun. 

A Cabana is a Versatile Place for Pool 
A cabana is versatile. Property owners can entertain and have their guests away from the harsh sun while poolside. Children want to use it as an outdoor stage, it will bring a lot of fun to any environment. It is perfect for lakes, pools and beaches.