Disconnection Policy

Communication problems over the internet may cause sudden disconnection to the game play. Key11 is committed to protect our players from unjustifiable loss while eliminating the possibility of intentional disconnection and system abuse.

As we cannot guarantee uninterrupted connection due to factors such as poor reception or weak internet connections, our software has been designed to cope with such situations. Kindly read and understand the following disconnection policy:

  1. Players must accept the risk of disconnection and should attempt to log back in and continue playing as quickly as possible. Check with your Internet Service Provider about how to reduce the risk of disconnection.
  2. Should disconnection occur before a bet is placed successfully, the bet will not be valid.
  3. Should disconnection occur after a bet is placed successfully, the bet will be valid and results will be determined by the game play. After reconnecting, the results will be shown in the game history table.
  4. Players may contact Customer Service to verify placed bet and game results but will not in any way alter the results of the bet.
  5. Should players experience continuous interruptions to the game play, please contact Customer Service for further investigation.
  6. Key11 reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue, cancel, refuse, or void this policy at its sole discretion.
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