Memory Foam Mattresses – Not To Be Confused With Fabric Upholstered Beds

With the various brands of memory foam on the market today, it can be overwhelming for a buyer to know which one to go for. This article will help you out when you need to decide to buy.

What is memory foam?

For the benefit of those who do not know what memory foam is, memory foam is a low resilience polyurethane foam or mattress made from polyurethane foam. Mattresses made of this material have a higher tendency to return back to its original shape when you get up from the bed. There are a lot of mattresses that are denser than the traditional cheap fabric upholstered beds. They are usually sold for a higher price and are measured by the mattress’ ability to indent.

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Here are some brands you should consider:

Comfort Dreams

This brand allows you to choose the level of soft, medium, or how firm you want the mattress to be. It has an 11-inch foam compilation. Its price range falls in the $400 range and includes cotton and microfiber manufactured in queen and other sizes. It is made with a moderately heavy foam material and has relaxing sleep memory foam. The fitness industry loves this mattress because of its injury prevention and orthopedic characteristics.

Slumber Solutions

This pattern of mattress allows you to choose the inch of memory foam you need for up to 12 inches. For a little less than $100, you can get a loft topper. The mattress comes in an 8-inch king and queen size gel. This topper can be put on top of your standard mattress that you already own. It can help in providing orthopedic relief and comfort to your bed.


This company uses a 10-inch sure temperature memory foam. It comes with two bonus memory foam pillows and 20 years warranty. Their iComfort collection is among the best out there in the market. You have the option to choose from cushion firm, firm, ultra plush or plush. With $800, you can purchase the full package. The mattresses are also available in king and queen sizes.

Select Luxury

The topper of this foam comes in twin and extra large sizes as well as in queen sizes. It has a thick elastic memory that suits those with orthopedic needs and those looking for a comfortable night rest. The product also has a 1-inch open cell memory fibres with medium firmness. It is also available in king size. The price for this foam starts from $600 and is made of very good quality.

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The Grande Hotel Collection

This product includes a fiber mattress topper and a 4.5-inch memory foam. It provides good posture support. It is available in different sizes and very popular in queen sizes. The topper starts at £200. The fiber topper and the Grande Hotel Collection combine to produce a foam mattress with a very good quality bedding compilation. It also has king sizes and manufactured with memory foam.

Sarah Peyton

This product can be bought with convection cooling technology. What this implies is that the mattress is well ventilated for a good night rest. The bedding comes in popular king and queen sizes. The price usually starts from £300. It is resistant to dust mites and comes with contour pillows.