Is Your Roller Shutter Broken?

Is Your Roller Shutter Broken?

One of the best ways to beef up security is to install roller shutters and doors. These types of protective barriers make it difficult for burglars or intruders to enter a premises. You also need to keep in mind that the doors and shutters should regularly be maintained. In fact, the law requires that you do so. If you cannot show proof that you have maintained your shutter or door, you could be fined as much as £5000. Not only that, you could be imprisoned for two years.

“Safety in Use”

Obviously, it is in your best interest to make a roller door or shutter repair if one is needed. According to the “Safety in Use” legislation, all kinds of doors must be maintained in a proper state or in good working order and repair.

Choose a Company That Features Comprehensive Repair Services

Just the same as any other door or shutter, a roller door or shutter wears down after a while. If your roller shutters, for instance, are not properly maintained, you increase the chance that the shutters will break down or have problems mechanically. As a result, you need to contact a roller door and shutter specialist to check on your roller shutters and doors. Make sure that the business you contact offers comprehensive repair services and that they guarantee that your doors and shutter will work optimally.

Know Who to Contact

If your shutter is not working proficiently or you have not had your roller doors or shutters checked lately, book an appointment to have an engineer inspect the doors and shutters. If you own a commercial property, again, you must keep your doors and shutters in the best working order. That is why you need to know who to contact.

Maintenance Packages

You may want to consider a company that provides roller shutter maintenance packages that are customised for a customer’s individual needs and requirements. That will help you save money and develop an ongoing relationship with the company that regularly services your shutters or doors.

Set up a Maintenance Plan

A package is a great help if you have several shutters on your premises. All you need to do is provide the repair company with your roller shutter details and they can provide you with a personalised quote for the work. Book your shutters for a programme of planned maintenance. That way, you can take advantage of the packages that are currently offered to business and commercial customers.

The best way to start the process is to go online and check out the repair services in your local area. Review each company’s services and request a brochure if necessary. Make sure that the company offers 24-hour repair services and that they can fit their schedule around your company’s operations.