Improve Office Productivity Through Proper Waste Removal

Improve Office Productivity Through Proper Waste Removal

There’s a myriad of factors that usually have an impact on employees’ motivation and productivity. It’s often the norm for businesses to motivate their employees through rewards, job flexibility, supportive leadership and other methods. However, what most tend to overlook is the level of impact that office clutter can have on productivity. Recent research has shown that disorganization and junk pile-up in the workplace takes a serious toll on one’s focus and ability to think or perform tasks effectively.

Studies were conducted on employees who worked in organized offices with minimum clutter and compared against those that worked in disorganized and cluttered offices. The results gave compelling reasons as to why it is crucial for businesses to maintain organized workspaces. Waste removal is an effective way of decluttering the office workspace. This article delves into the relationship between proper waste removal and productivity in the office.

Minimal Time Wastage

Studies found that employees take considerable amounts of time searching for misplaced items in cluttered spaces. Up to one week a year is wasted while trying to locate concealed items. This is a valuable time that would otherwise be utilised for other productive activities.

Clutter also inhibits employees’ ability to switch between tasks in a quick and timely fashion. Junk and waste removal promotes a conducive environment for a logical and controlled flow of activities. Knowing where everything is stored helps in the easy retrieval of required paperwork or items at a moments notice.

Reduced Mental Stress

Clutter and disorganization affect employees’ ability to think clearly. The chaotic office scene can be very distracting and is a major cause of work-related stress. The struggle experienced while trying to find items in cluttered areas is frustrating, to say the least.

Considering the fact that most business’ employees are usually confined to a desk all day, they require some time and space to take necessary breaks and stretch their bodies. Clutter reduces the available space and causes congestion. The wellbeing of employees is usually compromised in such situations.

Mental stress and overload negatively affect an employee’s productivity, which in turn affects the overall success of the business.

Workplace Accidents are Kept at Bay

Messy workplaces are hotbeds of mishaps. Allowing junk to pile-up is detrimental to employee’s safety. Employees to trip over rubbish and carelessly laid down cables. Accidents at the workplace pose legal and financial hurdles to any business. It is in the best interest of business owners to ensure that employees are safe while performing their tasks.

Proper waste removal ensures accidents are kept at bay.

Improved Health and Hygiene

When the necessary steps are taken to ensure cleanliness and hygiene is maintained at the workplace, employees’ morale and willingness to work improve. Everybody desires to work in a clean environment where there’s plenty of fresh air circulating. Organic waste not only causes a foul smell, but it also leads to the spread of germs and diseases. If your employees are always in need of medical assistance, your business’ productivity tends to suffer tremendously.

E-waste, on the other hand, is known to be a toxic health hazard. If it is not properly disposed of, there is a high risk of employees developing conditions related to the toxins and harmful components found in e-waste.

Seeking the services of a reputable waste removal company should be considered an essential business strategy. Having established that there is a relationship between office decluttering and employee productivity, it is imperative to ensure proper junk removal. Waste Express offers commercial and domestic waste removal services to clients all across the United Kingdom. Have your business call the Waste Express team today, and they’ll get to the task at hand on the same day basis. If your business is in big cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and smaller towns such as Swindon they’ll be there in a matter of a few hours.