Home Repair of a Sagging Bed

Home Repair of a Sagging Bed

It is difficult to get rid of a comfortable bed, even after years of use have taken their toll and caused the bed to sag. The worse the sag gets, the more you will sink when you lie down. A sagging bed is also less than attractive in your room. Rather than saying goodbye to your beloved old bed, take steps to alleviate the slump. Repair bed sag by correcting imperfections in the wood frame, the springs and the mattress.

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  1. Turn the bed upside down and remove the staples that hold the fabric lining using a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Inspect the couch’s wood frame for any splits or cracks that are causing the frame boards to sag. If there is a split or crack, cut a piece of plywood with a saw to use as a splint. Hold the frame board straight and drill the splint over the broken area using wood screws.
  3. Look for loose or stretched bedsprings. Bedsprings can be affixed with twine or with clips. Pull tight those bed springs that have slipped from a clip or have become untied. Secure the ends in the hook of a bed clip and screw the clip to the couch frame. Unhook or untie one end of stretched bedsprings. Pull them tight and reaffix them to the couch frame with new bed clips. If they are severely stretched, replace them with a new spring. Cable ties can also be tightened around neighbouring springs to add an additional network of tension.
  4. Re-staple the fabric to the bottom of the frame using a staple gun, and flip the base back over.
  5. Examine your bedmattress. If it seems the filling is overly compacted and that there is a lot of extra space inside, cut a piece of foam padding with scissors to match the dimensions of the mattress cover. Unzip the cushion and insert the foam pad below the existing filling.

Wanting to fix up your old furniture is understandable when you are on a budget, and it is a simple enough job to fix a sagging bag, but let’s be honest, it would be much nicer to buy a new one! I am betting the reason you don’t is because you are trying to save money. However, before trying to fix your old one, look at Home Furnishings UK. They offer beds delivered within 48 hours at extremely cheap prices.