Extend the Life of a Paint Job With Power Washing

Extend the Life of a Paint Job With Power Washing

The whole idea of power washing simply involves the cleaning of surfaces with the aid of a machine, wand and a high pressured H2O or sometimes chemicals too. This activity is often considered to be very necessary before carrying out any painting work, because failure to do it will result to the inability of the new paint to stick to the surface.

With the application of power washing on the surface that you intend to paint, you are guaranteed of the removal of the dirt, mould, and different pollutants that will hamper the sticking of the new paint. In addition, you can also use the power washing to remove the effect of sunlight ultraviolet rays whose effect on your wall paints is noticed by its breaking down and washing off commonly referred to as Chalking.

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The power washing also addresses the problem of cobwebs and wasp nest in your home. Note, your deck and fences are also not left out.

It’s important to note that, when power washing your decks, make use of bleach or deck brightener because it has the ability to penetrate the wood fibres. It also does a great job in the elimination of old stains and gives a more radiant look to the grey wood fibers that have been made ugly by foot traffic and other climatic condition. Whereas fences on the other hands are often plagued by mildew which are the results of the wood’s closeness to the ground, its soft nature and vegetation. But with power washing you are assured of the removal of the mildew and your fence will wear a new appealing look. A good understanding of the following in power washing is important:

1.The Chemicals: The best chemicals to utilise in the washing of the exterior part of your home is the combination of water, bleach and tri-sodium phosphate. Although there are quite a lot of other chemicals out there but bear in mind that, these ones mentioned above will serve you well in the job. In addition, you might also be thinking, what’s the effect of these chemicals on my lawns, flower and plants? You don’t need to bother yourself about that fact because, these chemicals are organic and as such not harmful to your plants.

  1. Dry Time: How long will it take your power washed house to dry off? The fact is, it depends on certain factors like humidity, rain and temperature. Therefore, the is no stipulated time for your home to dry.
  2. Price: The price for a power washing exercise for your home is often stated by your painter alongside the painting work quotation. Therefore when next you get a quotation for your home painting job ensure that you check to see if power washing cost is included.

In conclusion, a painting job in your home without power washing is a disaster waiting to happen. So ensure that it’s made the prerequisite for the painting job.