Emergency Refrigerated Trailers and Mobile Freezer Rental

Emergency Refrigerated Trailers and Mobile Freezer Rental

For stress reduction, it would be helpful if professional kitchen utility emergencies either never occurred or did so with warning. Sadly, fate often decides to wreak havoc at the most inopportune moments, including the small hours of the morning, and for a food business or events host this could deliver panic and a catering disaster.

When your fridge or freezer breaks down you need a professional, efficient and reliable service from a leading refrigeration hire and freezer rental company like Icecool Trailers. They won’t offer excuses, make you wait until daylight or Monday morning to receive facilities, they’ll leap in to action. They appreciate the urgency, the aim to maintain stock from produce to desserts, meat to milk, in optimal condition and to ensure minimal wastage.

A cautionary word: Please call the hire firm at the first opportunity. A fault obviously needs to be reported and corrected but to salvage stock, you need to waste no time in organising replacement freezer rental and refrigerated trailers hire. Once these have been arranged then you can explain the issue to an engineer and wait for their visit.

Engineers normally take a few hours or more to attend site and may require parts or suggest a new fridge or freezer as your most viable solution. If you wait for the verdict on the breakdown before contacting a hire firm, your stock is spoiling, that’s money being poured down the proverbial drain.

Refrigerated trailers and mobile freezer trailers for hire are available in various sizes and capacities and they can remain outside the business premises, so they won’t take valuable space indoors. They present a professional, well maintained appearance and meet all legislation and hygiene rules, which your hire company team should be fully conversant with.

If the optimum position for facilities is outside the kitchen, in a side room off a function suite, in a foyer or even in the middle of a school playing field during an event, this does not pose a problem. Fridge and freezer rental units can be powered via mains and generator for flexibility. Staff can work within refrigerated trailers without contravening legislation.

Produce often has its own sections in a fridge, try to replicate this in your emergency facilities by keeping ethylene gas emitting produce separate from non-ethylene emitting produce because the hormones produced by the former ripens the latter. For example: Ripe bananas, avocados, tomatoes, peaches, pears and potatoes are ethylene producers.

When placed with non-ethylene producers including unripe bananas, onions, peas and broccoli they will affect the second group negatively, aging, discolouring and causing cell damage.

When aiming to maximise the quality and lifespan of stock, placing these together can prove a costly error, especially in an emergency when every second of life in the produce is precious and being tested.

Don’t use the firm closest to you. Use the most reputable and committed. Preplanning is a vital tool for peace of mind so research now. You won’t need to panic later.