Different Pests, Different Treatments

Different Pests, Different Treatments

It won’t surprise you to learn that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to pest control.

Wasp removal experts like Pest Control Berkshire based in Newbury understand that the approach they take for these pests is not effective for the control of another pest.

Bee and wasp removal Berkshire

Although they look menacing bees aren’t aggressive. They only sting when they feel threatened.

As they are perfectly content when they are left undisturbed this leads pest control Reading experts to avoid the destruction of their hives.

The bee population are friendly and incredibly useful to the environment so killing them would do planet Earth and humans no favours.

The approach is to relocate them to a more suitable location.

Wasps are more aggressive but ironically they like to build their nests close to humans and to nibble timber in the home, normally in a roof space where they and their nest remain hidden.

When they sting there’s no doubt that you’ve been stung.

Some people try “homemade” solutions like pouring boiling water or flammable substances over the nest or purchase over the counter insecticides but these methods are not only sometimes dangerous, they are counterproductive.

Bee and wasp removal Berkshire experts should be called in if you want effective lasting results.

Rat control Reading and the surrounding area

Decades of research and scientific progress have made expert rat control Reading companies time and cost effective.

Please don’t try to tackle a rodent issue on your own. Professional firms were created to help.

Incidentally, if you feel a sense of trepidation about calling in a professional pest control firm then relax.

They frequently use unmarked vehicles and overalls which don’t announce to neighbours, clients or rivals that your building has some unwanted visitors.

Rats and mice are intelligent creatures with excellent memories which means that they don’t let themselves fall prey to domestic methods.

Super rats aren’t affected by the old style professional treatments; they’ve evolved to survive them.

As super as they may be, they aren’t a match for the mice and rat control Reading specialists who have licensed tools to resolve the issue.

Grey squirrels

In many cases the approach taken by experts to a grey squirrel invasion is dictated by the season and the quantity of squirrels on site.

Grey squirrels are quite like rats in their mindset and they can prove destructive in roof spaces, around timber and insulation products.

These amiable looking pests are aggressive and they breed fairly rapidly, pregnancies normally result in up to three babies and maturity is reached at seven months old.

Whilst pest controllers are imagined as animal assassins (they’re nice really!) they spend a lot less time ending lives than relocating critters and re-establishing homes in much more suitable environments.

Trapping, poking and efficient management systems are utilised much more than the goodies in the poison cabinet.

Don’t struggle or fret, call in trustworthy experts and enjoy confidence and peace of mind.