Choosing Landscaping Materials

Choosing Landscaping Materials

The range of landscaping materials on the market in the UK is fabulous and every taste, budget and preference is catered to by the wide network of landscaping materials stockists the length and breadth of the country.

Local gravels are a perennial favourite and gravel suppliers like Rivar Sand and Gravel in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey enjoy the cache of being in an area which is a rich source of gravels.

Their local products include Cotswold Chippings, South Cerney Gravel, Moonstone Gravel and Toffee Gravel, just to name four.

Rich in colour and very easy to install gravel is arguably character filled and the most inexpensive landscaping materials option.

Paving is another staple of exterior space design and the plethora of colours, materials, qualities and benefits is proof of why this landscaping choice seemingly never falls out of favour.

The ready to install paved circles and patterns make paving more of an artistic feature so if your image of paving is dreary grey slabs, please have a look around at what you can achieve with paving.

Concrete paving options offer elegance and style. Carpet stones or cobbles add a historic character.

Natural paving delivers the following landscaping materials in all their splendour:

  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Travertine
  • Yorkstone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Porcelain

There’s something for everyone. Remember too that paving and gravel work excellently together either to unite a theme or as a contrast.

For example, the Sunset Blend of Gardenstone Paving boasts warm tones which compliment Cotswold Chippings.

Black limestone paving installed with white dolomite gravel, both easy to source from landscaping materials and gravel suppliers offer a contrast.

Fencing is important, whether you prefer natural wood, painted or to use another material like sandstone it should always compliment the scheme.

Empire Sandstone comes in pearl in an ornate pattern. It may add more to your surroundings than fence panels.

Artificial grass requires almost no maintenance and it is not cheating!

People are turning to artificial grass products as landscaping materials because they are enduring, look realistic (check some samples, the 1970’s standard weave doesn’t exist anymore,) won’t suffer from bald spots or boggy patches and the lawn mower can be thrown away. Bliss.

Artificial grass offers a lush green which is compatible with almost any paving, gravel, patio and path or driveway material.

Reclaimed railway sleepers and new ones in oak or pine can make excellent steps, edging, raised beds and poles to train climbers over and they aren’t unduly expensive.

The hardwood reclaimed sleepers may have oil on them which harks back to their former life.

Imagine reclaimed railway sleepers of a rich brown for raised beds with Moonstone Gravel comprised of Thames Valley Flint (easy to source from gravel suppliers) of black, white, brown and white placed against a 100% vibrant artificial lawn with black porcelain paving which accents the black in the gravel.

That’s just one of the myriad possibilities so why not investigate landscaping materials which will transform your outdoor space.