Basic guide to front door locks

Basic guide to front door locks

Virtually every home in the western world came equipped with a front door lock. But not all front door locks are created equal. Some locks are built the last while other locks won’t last a second. This is your guide to basic front door locks.

Knob lock

If basic security is all that you need then the knob lock is the perfect type of front door lock to suit your needs. The knob lock has been around for many many years. And the knob lock is a trusted lock type of people all around the world. The none of lost is very versatile because it allows you to open the door with the flip of your wrist and it also allows you to lock the door securely. This means that the person with the key can get in the door really quickly while people without the key will have a hard time breaking into the door.

Deadbolt lock

The deadbolt lock is the most popular high security lock found in front doors all around the globe today. People love this type of lock because it is so secure and it has an added sense of peace of mind when you install a new deadbolt that will unlock the door.

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Deadbolt locks last a long time are proving to be really secure and are as much as 10 times more secure than if you used just your normal knoblock. The deadbolt lock is the best front door application ever.

Cam locks

The cam lock is a favorite of Locksmiths from all across the world. The camera is a very streamlined and strong design. This type of Lock can get into small spaces really easily and they also are low cost to produce. This means that the cam lock is a really good locked used when you are on a budget. But they can also get really expensive to because they are some really good secure locks to buy today.

Cam locks are a favorite too because they are really secure. They also are made of some really good high-quality premium materials. These premium materials make cam locks a secure type of lock that can’t be found otherwise.


The padlock is another wise choice to use on a front door application. The padlock is really secure. And they could be replaced really easily. For example when you get a new employee you will want to change out the old padlock so that any of the old employees don’t come back and rip you off. Installing a padlock every time an employee leaves is a sure way to protect your business and personal assets from thieves who used to work with you.

Another benefit of padlocks are that they can be purchased from virtually any store. You can go to a pharmacy and find a padlock. You can go to a convenience store and you can buy a padlock. You can go to of course the big box warehouse store in find a padlock. Everywhere you go in the modern world today you will be able to buy a padlock there. This means that you will be able to replace the padlock on your front door easily quick and anywhere you go in the city that you live in.