7 Budget-Friendly Ways ToTurn Your Outdoor Space Into A Lovely Garden

7 Budget-Friendly Ways ToTurn Your Outdoor Space Into A Lovely Garden

You always wished to create a lovely garden around your home, but were always held back by the costs. However, the good news for you is gardening and landscaping need not be a costly affair.

You can just become a little creative and make use of things easily available to you in your house, and you can create a beautiful garden and maintain it too.

Here are a few ideas with which you can make your outdoor space amazingly colourful.

1. Using Elements of Japanese Zen Garden

Making creative use of sand and gravel can give your outdoor space a dramatic upgrade and they don’t even need any special maintenance.

Using these two materials will save you a lot of money and even time. You just have to choose a part of your lawn where you can use a Zen concept of landscaping.

Choose attractive ornaments and rocks carefully and decorate the area. These rocks and ornaments can be bought easily from flea markets or yard sales.

2. Bring Cuttings from Friends and Neighbours

You don’t have to buy plants for your proposed garden. You just have to approach your friends and neighbours who have their garden and ask them for cuttings of plants.

This has two major advantages. Firstly, you save money. Secondly, you won’t have to do much effort and wait for long for the tree to grow because it’s a part of an already flourishing tree and will naturally grow well in the same soil and climatic conditions that it originally thrived in.

3. Try Succulents for Low Maintenance

Fortunately, Australia has several species of succulents and they flourish even in the hottest areas of the country. You’ll be surprised to see their colours, shapes, flowers and overall beauty and will fall for integrating them in your garden.

Succulents need very low or even no maintenance. And you can grow them in small pots too to place them strategically in various spots of your outdoor space. At https://amico.com.au you can get a variety of succulents in addition to a range of other plants.

4. Add Non-plant Bright Colours

When flowering season is yet to arrive, you can still add bright colours to your garden by painting your garden furniture in bright colours.

You can also make use of household items that you were planning to trash as decorative items by painting and embellishing them.

5. Budget-friendly Edging for Lawns

Lawns look beautiful and organized when they have good edging. But edging doesn’t have to cost you a lot.

You just have to be a little creative and you can see many things around you that you can use for edging. Some examples are old broken china, tyres, old metal boxes, wooden blocks, and so on.

6. Budget-friendly Flowerbeds

Your lawn will get incredible dimension with flowerbeds especially if the flowerbeds contain perennials like Centrauthus (easily grown in Western Australia and they even arise in unexpected spots), Cosmos and Achillea.

To create flowerbeds in economical ways, you can make use of so many things which you would have otherwise thrown away. Examples are old tyres, Besser blocks, old wooden logs, old umbrellas, old tables and beds, and whatever that may come to your mind!

7. Consider Investing in Soaker Hoses

Consider installing soaker hoses, rather than watering plants every day or depending on sprinklers. Sprinkler water may evaporate sometimes before it fully reaches your plants.

On the other hand, soaker hoses release water close to roots whereby the nutrients needed by plants reach them fully.

Also, this will save your money on sprinkler system and bring down your water bill considerably as well.

You can take help of professionals through the budget-friendly gardening services Kensington by Amico and create a beautiful garden at a surprisingly low cost.